Goldstream Park – Mt Finlayson


Goldstream Provincial Park and the 419 meter (1375 feet) Mount Finalayson offer a diversity of things to see as the seasons change. Large trees, a golden river, an abandoned gold mine, one of the highest mountains in Victoria and a salmon spawning stream are just a few of the things you can spot in the park. On your hike you will see views of Victoria, 600 year old fir trees keep you company and if you come during the fall salmon run, you will hear plenty of splashing in the creek as the fish fight for the best spawning place.

Time and Distance:

approx. 1 hour each way

Other possible visits in the park include:

Gold Mine Trail:

A trail going through an Arbutus grove to an abandoned gold mine and the Niagra Creek tressle built in 1910. This is an easy hike.

Niagra Falls:

47 meters(156 feet) high, these falls are almost as tall as their namesake in Ontario (51 meters).

Floral and Fauna:

Song birds, eagles and hummingbirds are a common sight in Goldstream Park. Eagle sightings are more frequent around the fall salmon spawning.


Follow signs north of Victoria to the Park on Hwy 19.