Mystic Beach

(South Island)

If you want to get a taste of VancouverIsland’s wild West Coast, but don’t havethe time to make the trip to the Pacific Rim, head west past Sooke toMystic Beach in the Juan de Fuca Provincial Park. The 2km trail from China beach trailhead of the Juan De Fuca Marine Trail to Mystic beach provides a good taste of what it would be like to hike the longer more rugged West coast trail. The tide pools at either end of the beachare great for observing different kinds of sea life. Since you are 2 kmwalk  from the parking area, make sure you and you’re party are dressed for the elements.




Mystic Beach is a favourite location for Grey Whales as theymigrate south to the Baja calving area each spring. If you are here in the spring and fall, you may just see a few of the 20,000 whales that migrate on their way up to the Berring Sea each year. The summer and fall months often bring harbourseals, stellar sea lions, and California sea lions in search of spawning salmon and herring.