Florencia Bay

(Pacific Rim)

Nicknamed Flo by locals and another popular place for surfing and paddle boarding, Florencia Bay is surrounded by cliffsgiving the beach its spectacular backdrop. This beach was originally named “Wreck Bay” because of a 200 tonne brigantine named Florencia that capsizedfurther north off Vancouver Island in 1860. It was determined that the ship was repairable and was being towed back to Victoria when the vessel that was hauling it experienced engine trouble and had to let the Florencia go adrift.Shortly after, a storm blew the Florencia into the shores of the bay.

Florencia Bay is one of the more quiet beaches in the area but you are stilllikely to seeeager ocean enthusiasts on all kinds of boards and boats in the water. If you’re one of those in the waves you might see seals and sea lions looking for fish. The human population frequents Florencia Bay as a fishing hotspot as well, so you may see boats out near the island at the north end of the bay.