Long Beach

(Pacific Rim)

Long beach is officially 16 km long with both hard and soft sand and is the longest sandy beach on the west coast of Vancouver Island. If you take out Combers Beach and Wickaninnish Beach it is 10 km of sand the beach seems to go on forever. It is a popular beach among all levels of surfers and you will most likely find a few surfers riding the waves at all times. Like Chesterman’s, Long Beach is one of those places that sit fondly in the memory banks of many Vancouver Islander’s. Its panoramic view of ocean and sky, its seemly endless supply of sand and of course the endless surf that crashes will stay etched in your memory as you think back about your trip here.


Here there is just beach sand and as much ocean as you can possible handle. The further you walk down from Incinerator Rock the less people you will see. Make sure you watch the time as it can slip away quickly with such a large expanse of beach.


Before the Pacific Rim Reserve became a park, people would drive there cars onto Long Beach and if you talked to a local that lived back here in the late sixties you may just hear a story about cars that ended up becoming submarines.


Turn off the Pacific Rim highway about 20 mins from Ucluelet and 15 mins from Tofino. There is a huge parking lot at Long Beach and this makes it one reason many end up here as well. Make sure you buy your parking pass at one of the information centers.