Chesterman Beach

(Pacific Rim)
Locals living in near by Tofino and tourists alike know Chesterman’s as the Pacific Rim’s favourite beach and one of the regions most meaningful locations. It’s a first stop for many entering the area and is a great place to explore with friends and family. A renowned surf spot during both summer and winter, this beach is ranked in one of the top places in North America for learning to surf but that doesn’t keep local pros from enjoying Chesterman’s consistent waves. You’re also likely to see kayakers and paddle boarders enjoying the swells in this area. There is really no beach around like Chesterman’s. Whether to enjoy a summer sunset or moonlit stroll, scenic picnic or a seaside cycle down its hard packed sandy stretches, there is always something happening there and its even got its own island!
There is also a great variety of birds found on the beach all year long and makes a great place to bring your camera and binoculars.  
The beach can be accessed from Chesterman Beach Road and is one of the beachesin Tofino that has no parking fee.