Notch Hill


Nanoose is quite developed and much is covered by a lare golf course and residential development called Fairwinds. Fairwinds has made an effort to protect green space on its outskirts however and allows public access into these natural areas. Notch Hill is one of these places and the most scenic with great views overlooking the Nannoose Bay.

Time and Distance:

Make sure to take the well traveled road, which is actually a gravel road. Follow the road up past a small water control building to some water reservoirs. From here keep to the larger trail that looks more well used. About 30 minutes later you arrive at the main viewpoint and the open meadows along the top of Notch Hill.

Keep in mind there is a trail on the right hand side of the road that leads off into the woods near the parking lot, but this is the tail end of a longer loop that provides a viewpoint onto Enos Lake.


From the Petro Canada gas station on the Island Highway (Highway 19) going north, turn right onto Northwest Bay Road. Turn right on Powder Point Road and keep going until you reach a four way stop. Keep straight as Powder Point Road turns into Fairwinds Road. Keep a lookout for the trail head on the right hand side of the road.