Cathedral Grove

Cathedral Grove is the most famous and accessible stands of giant Douglas fir trees on Vancouver Island.  This stand of towering trees was a tourist spot as early as the 1920’s before it became a protected park.


In 1944 after much petitioning and public involvement, the park was given to the province for the public’s enjoyment. In 1996  the park was hit hard by a storm and many of the large trees fell to the forest floor. This opened up some of the canopy above and let more light in to see the expanse of trees around. With plenty still there, this is a walk that should be on your vacation bucket list. Make sure you get to the Grove early during July and August as parking can be somewhat difficult during these months.

Time and Distance:

20-40 mins (depending on how many pictures are taken in front of large trees)


Take hwy 4A west of Qualicum, pass Cameron lake and it will be at the western end of the lake. There is parking on either side of the highway.