Jack Point

(Close to Duke Point Ferry)

The park’s trail provides excellent views of the Nanaimo River estuary, dowtown Nanaimo, Protection Island and Gabriola Island. Most of the 32 acre park is natural and undeveloped with a trail leading from Biggs Park to Jack Point. The trail is easy to navigate, however there are some stairs and boardwalks over the bluffs. Biggs Park runs parallel to the Duke Point ferry to Tsawwassen.

Jack Point is named after Jack Doholt (1819-1905) who lived on the point for 40 years and supplied Nanaimo with milk and hay. At one point Jack Point was an island at high tide, but it is now connected to Duke Point and Biggs Park.

Time and Distance:

Return from the parking lot to the tip of Jack point is 2.5 km and between 1-2 hours depending on how fast you go. If you are a local and ever miss the ferry by a few minutes, it will be a great thing to do to pass the time.

Possible Wildlife:

Blue Herrons, Bald Eagles, sea lions, seals


Follow signs to the Duke Point Ferry Terminal, and watch for the last right-hand turn (MacMillan) before the terminal (it’s long before you can see the terminal. Stay left on what becomes Maughan Rd and you eventually see a small parking area beside the highway. Walk through an underpass  to the park.