For those who don’t just want to say hello, or who may have seen
the highlights and are ready to fully dig in to British Columbia’s capital,
then the Experience Victoria package is calling your name.


One night’s dinner featuring a menu designed and prepared by a local chef using the freshest ingredients and showcasing local seafood and foraged finds in a private venue.

Panoramic Flight

Soar above Victoria for 45 minutes departing from the Inner Harbour and exploring sights such as Mount Doug, Mount Tolmie and downtown Victoria.

Parliament Tour

A 30-minute guided tour of the iconic BC Legislative buildings. Learn about BC’s Coat of Arms, the history of the buildings and explore 3 rooms.

Whale Watching

3-4hrs of whale watching in a zodiac with a knowledgeable guide (floater suits included).

Food Tour

2hr guided walking tour through the streets of Victoria with stops at some of the tastiest and best-kept culinary secrets of the city.

Winery Tour

A 5.5hr tour with a knowledgeable guide along the Vancouver Island Wine Route with private and exclusive tastings, transportation, a behind-the-scenes tour of a local winery, water and discounts at select wineries.


Day-by-Day Breakdown + Descriptions

Day 1:

Before joining us for dinner, hit up any of the activities in the provided outline to get yourself started in Victoria. Then, it’s time to rest up for the big days ahead!

Day 2:

Kick off the morning by soaring high above the city. There’s no better way to truly get to know a place then to see it all in one go in a 45 minute panoramic flight! Next, step into the beauty of the Legislative Buildings on a 30-minute Parliament Tour. Then, you’ll be taking it to the ocean in a 3-4 hour Whale Watching expedition to truly experience the coastal aspect that infiltrates the atmosphere in the city. Afterwards, recover your land legs on a 2hr walking food tour to refuel!

Day 3:

Wine, like food, is another crucial aspect of Victoria’s social culture. There’s no better way to experience it than by going directly to the source. Let someone else take the wheel as you sip your way through some of the top wineries in the area. Enjoy exclusive and private tastings, comfortable transportation and a behind-the-scenes winery tour with an energetic and knowledgeable tour guide.

Day 4:

Waking up on Day 4 means you have reached the end of the road and experienced Victoria like never before. It’s time to pack on up and say goodbye.

Pricing Table

  Gold Silver Bronze
2 People $1320 $1170 $945
3 People $1121.65 $1071.65 $841.65
4 People $992.50 $917.50 $805
5 People $1115 $1005 $855

**Prices are per person based on a 2-person minimum
**Prices include dinner for 1 evening of the package
**Prices may vary depending on accommodation availability + season
**5 person packages are all Silver accommodation due to room capacity



Fishing Charter
Tack on an extra day and fish away! You’ll no doubt be swimming in fresh seafood during you time on the Island, so why not try your hand at catching it yourself? Fishing out of Victoria can be great for Halibut and small Chinook. You can get an extra day on the ocean and an extra souvenir to take home with you in the form of fresh fish!
Cost: $375/person (price varies with # of people, boats can take up to 5)

Carriage Tours

Carriage Tour

Nothing evokes the historical vibe of Victoria more than taking a carriage tour through the city. Listen to the patter of horse hooves as you cozy into your private carriage and take in the beautiful scenery, historic heritage houses and tales about Victoria delivered to you by your personal driver.
Cost: $185 or $225/carriage and depending on the length of the tour

Fly n’ Dine

Alpine Limos

The full meal deal is delivered via the Fly n’ Dine experience, which can be added on to any evening of your package. Soar from the Inner Harbour at night to Butchart Gardens where you will be escorted via limo to a delectable 3-course dinner.
Cost: $225.95/person

Butchart Gardens

Butchart Gardens
Didn’t have a chance to get to the infamous Butchart Gardens? Why not head out on any of your package evenings for a visit? You can add on a Butchart Gardens Tour that allows you to wander the grounds at your whim and return when you’re ready (or when they close). A stunning highlight of Victoria, it makes for a brilliant evening.
Cost: $65/person



Experience nature like never before on a 4-hour zipline expedition! Racing through the forests of Vancouver Island is a thrilling addition to your tour package. You’ll explore acres of the temperate rainforest from above in a series of platforms, bridges and ziplines.
Cost: $94/person

Food Tours

Food Tour

Victoria is a treasure trove of amazing, international food and best-kept secret restaurants. Sometimes, the best way to discover them is by joining a tour with someone who knows best! Explore Victoria by foot for 2 hours and you can be let in on the tastiest secrets in the city.
Cost: $65/person

Brewery Tours

Brewery Tour
Craft beer is on the rise and Victoria has refused to be left behind. Discovering the malty perfection that is made right here in the city is both a blast and easily accomplished by joining in on a brew tour. Over the course of four hours you can sip your way through 4 of the best breweries in Victoria and witness the process first hand, all with explanations from a knowledgeable guide. Add on a distillery tour for the full experience.
Cost: $75 or $99 with the distillery/person



There’s nothing like earning the dinner you dig into at the end of the day. Join in on a foraging tour with incredible guides and a chef to create the freshest lunch imaginable. On a five-hour culinary adventure, you’ll pick berries, discover new veggies, dig for herbs and roots and, with a bit of luck, stumble upon some prime mushroom picking spots. Then, you’ll turn it into a gourmet, 3-course lunch.
Cost: $90/person

Winery Tour

Winery Tour

A short drive away lies some of the most fertile vineyards in BC. They’re tucked into a magnificent Slow Food region known as the Cowichan Valley, whose temperate temperatures lead to some of the tastiest wines around. Sit back for 5.5 hours with an energetic and knowledgeable guide who will lead you through a local winery and walk you through exclusive samples at a number of the top wineries.
Cost: $120/person

**Add-ons are subject to availability and Itinerary time restraints – some may require an extra night’s accommodation.