Experience Tofino

Dive in for more than just a taste of Tofino; experience it.
Like the Intro to Tofino package, but on steroids, you’ll be able to see
and do it all with a bit more oomph.

Available from March 1 – April 30


One night’s dinner featuring a menu designed and prepared by a local chef using the freshest ingredients and showcasing local seafood and foraged finds in a private venue.

Group Surf Lesson

3hr group surf lesson with certified surf instructor at one of Tofino’s stunning beaches.

Hot Springs Cove

6hrs of scenery, hot springs and exploration fit with a float plane flight providing a stunning vantage point of Tofino’s beaches and coastline.

Whale or Bear Watching

Choose between a 2.5hr Whale watching and a 2hr Bear watching excursion. Both are thrilling adventures lead by knowledgeable guides in either a covered family vessel or zodiac boat.


A 4hr experience that perfectly blends kayaking and hiking on the unforgettable Meares Island.

Day-by-Day Breakdown + Descriptions

Day 1:

Some of the most scenic and exciting days of your life wait, but first, dinner! After checking into your accommodation, join in at a private venue for dinner crafted by a local chef featuring local specialties and foraged finds.

Day 2:

Coming to Tofino just wouldn’t be the same without trying your hand at surfing. It is, after all, the surf capital of Canada. A 3hr group lesson with a skilled and certified instructor is the perfect way to get into it. If you can’t get enough, rent boards and suits for the rest of the day and perfect popping up. Otherwise there are plenty of easily accessed hikes, beaches to explore and quaint shops to visit in town.

Day 3:

Take to the skies for one of the most scenic flights around. Discover hidden coves, forming waves and stunning beaches on your way to one of nature’s greatest creations – Hot Springs Cove. Nestled into the rocks along the coast, the naturally heated, geothermic hot springs are the perfect way to loosen up those surfing muscles. A quick walk through the emerald forest finds you at your destination where you can relax to the sound of cascading falls and scenic views. Then, you’ll be feasting your eyes on that eagle-eye view of the coast for the return flight.

Day 4:

Bringing the sea-to-sky full loop, Day 4 brings with it another playful day on the ocean. Explore Meares Island during a 4hr hiking-kayaking blend where you’ll learn about the history of the area, take in the enormity of the island’s incredible trees and learn about the local marine life as you paddle on by in your kayak. Afterwards head out in a covered vessel or zodiac on a 2.5/2hr whale or bear-watching excursion. By the time that’s done, you’ll have truly seen and done it all.

Day 5:

After a few jam-packed days, it’s time to bid goodbye to Tofino.

Pricing Table

  Gold Silver Bronze
2 People $1164 $1089 $864
3 People $974 $924 $774
4 People $879 $841.50 $729
5 People $790 $790 $790

**Prices are per person based on a 2-person minimum
**Prices include dinner for 1 evening of the package
**Prices may vary depending on accommodation availability + season
**5 person packages are all Silver accommodation due to room capacity


Whale/Bear Watching:

Both bears and whales are fundamental creatures in the unique ecosystem of the Pacific North West. Seeing them in action is truly breathtaking. If you wanted the opportunity to do both excursions, it can be added on to nearly any day of your package, or onto an extra day if you need more time.
Cost: $111.45

Hot Springs Cove:

Nothing beats a day of relaxing in a natural, geothermic hot spring. Not to mention the journey there is nearly unbeatable. Indulge in the unique 6hr adventure by plane or boat. If it’s already included in your package but you want to fly instead, you can easily upgrade the experience as well.
Cost: $147.15 (boat), $252.15 (flight)

Meares Island Kayaking Trip:

If only paddling isn’t quite your style or 2.5 hours feels too short, upgrade to the Meares Island Kayaking Trip to experience a blend of hiking and kayaking for 4 hours.
Cost: $83

Lone Cone Hike – Meares Island:

If only paddling isn’t quite your style or 2.5 hours feels too short, upgrade to the Meares Island Kayaking Trip to experience a blend of hiking and kayaking for 4 hours.
Cost: $83

Private Surf Lesson:

Upgrade to a private surf lesson for some small-group or one-on-one instruction. Being the only student in the water with the instructor gives them plenty of time to find exactly where you can improve in technique. If there’s a small group of you, it might be nice to not have to share the time and experience with strangers. Regardless, a private lesson will have you riding those waves in no time!
Cost: Varies depending on number of people in the private lesson

Scenic Floatplane Ride:

Take off from Tofino Harbour aboard your own private floatplane. Explore the nooks and crannies of Clayoquot Sound from Tofino Peninsula to Flores Island. Get a birds eye view of the spectacular rainforests and beaches that make this Sound a worldwide destination! In 30 minutes you will experience the local area around Tofino including harbours, bays, mudflats and beaches, you’ll fly over our local lighthouse and explore Flores and Vargas Islands. Keep your eyes out for the abundant wildlife including eagles, seals, sealions, sea otters and three types of whales!
Cost: $325 (per plane – up to 4 people)

Helicopter Charter:

Experience the spectacular wilderness of Clayoquot Sound by Helicopter. Join us on a three hour journey above dense coastal rainforest, pristine sandy beaches and rugged glacial peaks. Taking off from Tofino cruise up the inlets into the mountains of Vancouver islands interior, make a stop in the alpine for a hike or a picnic lunch. Then jump back into the helicopter to tour miles of Clayoquot Sound’s remote islets and beaches before stepping out on one of them to feel the sand between your toes. Keep an eye out for wildlife as you tour this magical coastline on your way back to Tofino.
Cost: $1500 (per helicopter – up to 4 people)

**Add-ons are subject to availability and Itinerary time restraints – some may require an extra night’s accommodation.