Mount Regan

(North Central)

Part of the spectacular Forbidden Plateau and to the south of Mt. Albert Edwards, often removed from the collective conscience is a mountaineering wonder that gets looked over for its bigger brother. The route up Regan is precarious, so only advanced hikers and climbers should try to attempt to summit. Mt. Regan like its friend Castle Crag, can be reached from the base of the Mt. Washington ski area.

The route  up takes approximately 6-8 hours for experienced hikers, so an overnight stay is recommended (Circlet Lake). Because of exposed positions and continually changing weather patterns, be sure to have all weather gear on hand. Depending on the weather during the year, the trail to the summit can cross over glaciers, loose scree, and other falling rocks. The last 300 meters of the trail tapers out a bit, after the glacial crossing. The views from the summit are just as breathtaking as Mt. Albert Edwards, but once more, you will have it all to yourself!