Elk River Trail

(North Central)

Follow a river all the way to Landslide Lake at the foot of Mt Colonel Foster. The East Face above Landslide lake has a drop of close to 1,300 metres (4,300 ft).  Longer than that of El Capitan in Yosemite, making it one of the tallest continuous mountain faces in the world. On June 23, 1946, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake centred to the east of Strathcona Park, caused a slide which resulted in 1.5 million cubic metres (53 million cubic feet) of rock being displaced, about half of which found its way to Landslide Lake below. Stop at Landslide Lake, go further to Iceberg Lake or continue and summit Mt Colonel Foster.


$10 per night camping fee payable at the Parking Lot.

Time and Distance:

Approximately 5-6 hours one way from parking lot to Landslide Lake (about 11 km one way). 1- 2 hours one way from Landslide Lake to Glacier Lake. The hike up Mt Colonel will depend on experience and fitness but is estimated at 2 hours from Glacier Lake.


Take highway 28 west from Campbell River toward Gold River. The parking lot should be on the left hand side of the highway and marked with a Provincial Parks sign that says “Elk River Trailhead”.