Albert Edward

This is a beautiful hike that passes several lake- the scenery is spectacular! There is a reason this is one of the most popular hikes on Vancouver Island.


Free Day Hike, $10 overnight per person

The most popular and one of the easiest mountains to summit in Strathcona Park. The 6th highest mountain on Vancouver Island and the highest summit in Forbidden Plateau. Most people do an over night hike, but it is possible to do it in one (really long) day.

Things you should know:

  • The weather can change quickly at high elevations so be prepared for cold, rain and fog regardless of the forecast
  • No fires are permitted in Forbidden Plateau

Camping is available at:

  • Helen Mckenzie Lake (3 km)
  • Kwai Lake (7 km)
  • Circlet Lake (10km and a good place to camp for other hikes). The campground can get busy on weekends. There is good fishing in the lake, so you may want to get a license and bring a fishing rod.

Time and Distance:

32 Km (14-16 hours return. Most people split it up into 2-3 days and spend time swimming or fishing in the lakes.