Della Falls

(Central Island)

The Della Falls Trail is the highest waterfall in Canada at 440 Meters (1443 ft). It is one of the most popular hikes in the Central Island region. Park at the end of Great Central Lake and either canoe or get a water taxi the full distance of the lake. The hike is 3-4 days if crossing by taxi and up to 6 if crossing by canoe. The northwest end of Great Central is around 16 km from the base of Della Falls. Much of the trail follows an old logging and mining road.

Time of Year:

The Della Falls trail is recommended from July to September depending on snowfall. Any earlier, and you can find yourself hiking through snow and  possibly crossing avalanche zones. Although the higher water levels from the spring melt can make for a great view of the tallest waterfall in Canada.

Time and Distance:

The trip takes 3 to 4 days if you’re crossing the Great Central Lake by powerboat, and six or more days if you’re crossing by canoe.


Great Central Lake is a 13 km drive west of Port Alberni on Highway 4. Turn right on Great Central Lake Road and continue for 8 Km (You have gone too far if you see a campground and Liquor store at Sprout Lake) About 1km past the Hatchery you will arrive at Ark Resort where you can park (for a fee) and take their water taxi service to the Della Falls Trail head.