Kayaking Nootka Sound

Nootka has great scenery- here you will be alone in nature. There are plenty of sandy beaches, rolling mountains in the backdrop and lush plants and trees on the shoreline. There are many resorts, fish farms and logging operations here.  Kayaking the outer part of Nootka Sound brings the most diversity in scenery. Bligh Island Marine Park is a popular spot to go.

How to get there:

Going west from Campbell River through paved and dirt roads, you will hit Nootka Sound. Go past Gold River towards Tahsis and along Tlupana Inlet to Cougar creek. Here Strathcona Lodge keeps some of their kayaks.  If you have your own kayak you can paddle out to the Spanish Pilot Islands. Overnight camping spots are available here. Keep in mind fresh water is not always available so you will want to bring a supply with you.

Possible Wildlife:

Orca Whales, Humpback Whales, Porpoise, Stellar Sea lions, Sea otters, River otters,  mink, Black bears, cougars, Bald eagles, Blue herons and many types of  sea birds

Safety Tips:

  • Fog, choppy water and large ships are common here. It is best to kayak in the morning as the wind often picks up in the afternoon.
  • Kayaking the outer part of Nootka Sound is for experienced kayakers or kayakers with guides.
  • When going ashore, make sure you make plenty of noise to alert bears of your presence. Clean all camping or landing sites of any meat, fish or food
  • Rain is a strong possibility so make sure you have the right wet gear