7 Products you Need to Keep your Body Healthy for an Active Life

Being fit and healthy is an important component of an adventurous life. That means that even when you’re not on the trail, paddling your kayak, or enjoying one of the numerous activities you love, you’ve got to find a way to keep up your strength and maintain limber muscles. Fitness during your downtime is key to preventing injury, and it can also help you recover from injury and get you back in shape to truly revel in your favourite adventures! What are you doing to make sure your body is in prime condition to let you enjoy the things you love?

Evercore is an up-and-coming fitness company that offers a solution to keeping fit, and preventing and recovering from injury. It can be tough to keep up the motivation to maintain and strengthen your body during your downtime. Many of their products are created by physiotherapists and are designed to be taken almost everywhere with you for when the inspiration strikes! The following fitness products are better than most current fitness products and can help you sculpt a great body at home and while traveling. Yes, that is right, you don’t need to have a gym membership!


Evercore Resistance Band Set

To keep up your strength no matter where you are, this is the right product for you. Resistance bands can be used to target nearly every muscle in the body with constant tension, ensuring you’re truly in prime condition for the next time you tackle a multi-day hike, or plan a kayaking excursion. With the five different levels of resistance, you can gently rehab injuries back to full health and then take them beyond to prevent future injuries. Thanks to their size and the bag that comes with the set, the bands can be packed with you on your travels and adventures, so you really have no excuse! There are handy padded door stops and ankle straps to allow you to work out in numerous different ways, damage-free. Find out more about the Evercore Resistance Band set here.


Evercore Mini Loop Band Set

Designed by a physiotherapist, these small, unassuming bands pack a ton of punch! The set comes with seven bands, from Activate to Beast Mode, each achieving a particular goal from activating the right muscles, and proceeding to challenge them while improving your strength and stability. For anyone that has experienced knee pain, or are worried about injuring such an important body part for any adventure, the bands are also the perfect product. They can be used in different ways to improve knee stability, prevent injury, and alleviate knee pain. Fitting nicely into a small carry bag, these are something you can take nearly anywhere with you. Find out more about the Evercore Mini-Loop Band Set here.

Evercore Lumbar Support Bar

Unfortunately, most of us can’t be doing the activities we love all the time. When we’re not outside, in the kayaks, on the trail, reeling in salmon, or diving into whale watching and bear watching expeditions, we’re likely sitting at a desk, or in the car for hours at time. This really takes a toll on the spine, which will slowly add pain and difficulty to the enjoyment of your favourite activities. To prevent back pain and even help alleviate it, a lumbar support bar is a fantastic option. Evercore’s is one of the best on the market, with two size and density options, as well as a functional clip that lets you adjust and move the support bar to where you really need it. Keeping a strong and pain-free spine is not only important for active adventures, but for every-day life. Find more about their Lumbar Support Roll.


Evercore Power Resistance Bands


Evercore Floss Bands

While they look simple, floss bands are incredibly useful in a number of ways! They can improve flexibility, decrease muscular restrictions like with tennis/golfer’s elbow, improve blood flow, restore range of motion and even be used to reduce swelling. For us west coast golfers, an activity that can be enjoyed year-round, getting rid of those sore joints and allowing for a full-swing is of uncompromised importance. This area is also important for the fishermen out there – you can’t reel in the big one without fully-functioning joints. The bands come in three different colours, and can be wrapped in different ways to give you the results you need to get back into your favourite activities, pain-free. Find out more about the Evercore Floss Bands here.


60-Day Post-Rehab/Prehab Program

What if you have all the gear, but not the know how? It can be tough and un-motivating when you don’t know where to start. For that, Evercore offers a 60-Day Improvement Program online that is designed to reprogram your brain’s control over your everyday movements. It’s a great place to learn the correct motions, test for restrictions in your movement and improve mobility, stability and tightness in various hotspots. It also covers how to do important things in your everyday life to ensure you avoid injury. The course includes 60 instructional videos, mini-quizzes, access to a private Facebook community support group, six-month access to the program, and a repertoire of full body stretches!

Keeping your body strong, healthy and pain-free will allow you to continue to do your favourite Vancouver Island activities for as long as you possibly can. By taking care of your health and learning how to do things the best way possible, you can not only prevent injuries, but can also improve your enjoyment of already loved adventures. Although it does take some motivation to get yourself into the habit of doing what your body needs, once you’re set-up with the know-how and the proper equipment, the world will suddenly become even more open for adventure than before.


This product, offered by Evercore, is designed to jump start your routine! Power resistance bands help build strength, enhance mobility and are perfectly mobile, ensuring you can strengthen and lengthen when you travel. They’re also great for home, as they require very little set up and you can achieve a well-rounded workout. With one piece of equipment, you can stretch, strengthen and lengthen nearly every muscle in the body. There are four levels of resistance, corresponding with the four colour options: red, purple, black, or green.Unfortunately, this particular product cannot be shipped to Canada. Find out more about the Evercore Power Resistance Bands here.


Evercore Balance Board

18” in diameter, the Evercore Balance Board is a tool designed to increase your balance and agility, improve your core strength and is perfect for preventing injuries. Surprisingly, it can even be used for rehab of torn ACL’s and ankle sprains. Through numerous activities that can be performed on its non-slip surface, you’ll be able to kick start your recovery, and noticeably strengthen your body as it challenges your muscles, ligaments and joint receptors. This is perfect for activities like hiking where you need agility and coordination to protect your ankles and knees. A stronger core, for activities like kayaking, is key to stabilizing your spine, giving you a stronger stroke! A good balance board is a great option to improve your body for a number of your favourite activities. Unfortunately, Amazon is currently unable to ship this product to Canada. Find out more about the Evercore Balance Board here.

To learn more about the products in this article, and get more details on the sixty-day program, check out the Evercore website at www.evercorelife.com.