Belted Kingfisher and Bald Eagle


Kingfisher (Belted)             

The American Belted Kingfisher (Cerylealcyon) is a giant in comparison with the diminutive European Kingfisher, which weighs about 40g whereas the Belted Kingfisher is nearly four times heavier at 150g. This unique bird was once depicted on the 1986 series Canadian $5 note. Known for eating fish, the belted kingfisher also is known to eat frogs, insects, and a varied of other crustaceans. Some kingfishers will migrate as far south as Central America but they tend to follow a food source along coastlines, rivers, and other bodies of water. This makes Vancouver Island a prime resting a nesting spot for them. This species of kingfisher has a large head with a shaggy crest. The female is usually more brightly covered then its male counterpart. It is also distinguishable by making a loud rattling call as it flies.



Eagle (Bald)                                     

The Bald Eagle is one of the most spectacular birds in the world and very noticeable on Vancouver Island. The bald eagle is typically found near large bodies of water for hunting and scavenging needs and old-growth forests for nesting. Their nests can easily be spotted as the eagle also builds some of the largest nests of any species of bird. The bald eagle is a coastal resident of the Island and will be seen in greatest numbers near rivers during the fall salmon-spawning season.