Vancouver Island has some of


At 460 kilometres (290 mi) in length, 80 kilometres (50 mi) in width at its widest point, and 32,134 km2 (12,407 sq mi) in area Vancouver Island has many lakes, rivers, mountain regions and ocean to make years of hiking available here. Below we have listed the top 5 hikes in each category.

Top 5 short distance hikes

(1-2 hours total)

Wild Pacific Trail Pacific Rim

The Wild pacific trail is one of Vancouver Island’s prettiest trails and you can take one section which is about 45mins or do the whole trail which is about 8 km long. Read More…

Chesterman BeachPacific Rim

Rated as one of the top 25 beaches in North
America, it has much more to offer than white
sand an waves. Chesterman Beach is a beautiful
scenic pathway that must be experienced. Read More…

Tonquin BeachPacific Rim

A small scenic beach that doesn’t get as much traffic as other beaches in the Pacific Rim partially because the surrounding protected water makes for small waves keeping the surfing crowd
in other locations. Read More…

Dallas Rd, VictoriaSouth Island

There often lots going on here with kite boarders, parasailers and water craft dotted along parts of the trail, especially near James Bay. It is a
favorite local exorcise trail and you will pass
many joggers here. Read More…

Nanaimo Harbour WalkCentral Island

Close to downtown, the Harbour Walk has a beautiful stone walkway around a park, sea planes, a fountain, and a marina. In the distance you can
see Newcastle Island, another marina looking
north and BC Ferries which comes through
every two hours. Read More…

Top 5 Medium Hikes

(2-6 hours)

Mt ArrowsmithCentral Island

This hike will let you know if you are in shape, but the reward at the top of the mountain is totally worth it. You will take in views of lakes, mountain ranges, the east side of Vancouver Island and
all the mountain as well as the Port
Alberni Inlet. Read More…

Wild Pacific Trail Pacific Rim

There are two sections to this trail and that is why it is listed as the #1 short hike. The second section is also spectacular and worth taking the time to hike. It is an easy hike along the coastal region of the Pacific Rim. Read More…

Paradise MeadowsNorth Central

Part of the Forbidden Plateau in Strathcona Park, Paradise Meadows is the entry region to the popular Mt Albert-Edward hike along with the other mountains in the region. This hike is very scenic and will wet your appetite for the longer overnight hikes available here. Read More…

Mt OzzardPacific Rim

Only a few miles from the Wild Pacific Trail, Mt Ozzard is a nice hike up a narrow paved road servicing the Coast Guard radar dome for the whole region. You will see much of Barkley Sound, the Ucluelet inlet and the coast region. Read More…

Thetis LakeSouth Island

Just north of Victoria, Thetis Lake has a popular beach as well as cliffs for summer swimming. It also is the entrance to a large trail system around Thetis Lake and up a few of the mountains in the region. Read More…

Top 5 Overnight Hikes

(1+ days)

West Coast TrailSouth Island to Pacific Rim

This popular hike has been challenging hikers for decades. With a limit of 30 overnight hikers per day at each end of the trail, this 75 km (45 mile) trail hike should be reserved in advance. Read More…

Nootka Island TrailNorth Central

If you are looking for a place with less foot traffic than the West Coast Trail, this place is for you. It is harder to get to which is one of the reasons there
is less foot traffic, but for people looking to be
in a very remote place, this is it. This trail is
35km (22 miles) long and mostly along
the ocean. Read More…

Juan De Fuca TrailSouth Island

Just south of the West Coast Trail, this 47 km trail has similar scenery running through sandy beaches, rainforest and sometimes muddy
stretches similar to the West Coast
Trail.Read More…

Mt Albert EdwardNorth Central

The tallest mountain in the beautiful Forbidden Plateau region, this hike gives you majestic views. You will pass small lakes on the way to the summit and many also include a few other summits that are very close by. Read More…

Elk River TrailNorth Central

You will follow a river all the way to Landslide Lake at the foot of Mt Colonel Foster. The East Face above Landslide lake has a drop of close to 1,300 metres (4,300 ft), longer than that of El Capitan in Yosemite, making it one of the tallest continuous mountain faces in the world. On June 23, 1946, a magnitude 7.2 earthquake centered to the east of Strathcona Park, caused a slide which resulted in 1.5 million cubic metres (53 million cubic feet) of rock, about half of which found its way to Landslide Lake below. You can stop at Landslide Lake, go further to Iceberg Lake or continue and summit
Mt Colonel Foster. Read More…