Denman Island

Denman Island and Hornby Island are situated right off the east coast of Vancouver Island. Denman is the larger island, and it is known for its talented artisans and fruitful farmlands. The community in Denman has developed a naturalistic mindset and value individualism very highly. In addition to its mesmerizing rural setting and quiet roads, Denman culture yearns to be discovered.
Denman Island is known for its own provincial camp at Fillongley Pronvicial Park. Private accommodation and summer reservations are highly recommended.

Fast Facts

population icon 33

There is a population of 1,100 people

Denman Island’s geographical location is off the eastern shore of Central Vancouver Island, 20kms south of Courtenay and one hour north of Nanaimo

Getting Here

Daily 15-minute ferry rides are operated by BC Ferries from Buckley Bay to Denman Island. Some attractions that Denman Isle feature is a showcase for crafts and arts, and a turn-of-the-century grocery store.

Outdoor Activities


Denman Island has a great infrastructure for cycling.
The traffic is light, and the roads are paved. Cycling is a good way to get around.
There are also scooter rentals.


Taking a stroll on Denman Island is always an adventure. There are hidden coastlines that wait to be discovered, friendly locals always looking for a chat, and wildlife harmonizing with the country living makes walking a great experience.

Canoeing & Kayaking

If you’re up for an adventure, then paddling from Denmark to Sandy Island should be a must for any daring kayaker. Denman is small, being only 19 km long and 5 km wide, thus making it possible to kayak around the whole island in just a day, considering the water are calm.

Provincial Parks

Fillongley Provincial Park

should be your choice for picnicking, lounging, and just enjoying the beauty of nature. The park is quite small, however, and it has only 10 campsites; spots tend to go very quickly in July and August. The campground location is within a forest setting, eastern side of the island.

 Boyle Point Provincial Park

Chrome Island Lighthouse and Baynes Sound are two mesmerizing views that Boyle Point Park showcase. The view of lighthouse is available through a forested trail that leads the way through Boyle Point Reginal Park at the south end of East road on Denman Island. This short trail, 1,6km, leads through a second forest.

Sandy Island Marine Provincial Park

sits so close to the northern extremity of the island that, when the tide is low, you can usually walk to the park from the tip of Longbeak Point. In the center of the park, there’s a mighty stand of Douglas fir that shelters a small number of rustic campsites. As you sleep cushioned by the soft sand, you’ll experience an enigmatic feeling of contentment and safety in nature, only experienced by the adventurers.


Some of the most common sights in Denman are seals, dolphins, bald eagles, blue herons, and osprey. Bringing your camera is indicated, as experiences are fleeting, but pictures last forever.

Longbeak Point curves from Denman towards Sandy Island. Legend says there’s a hidden treasure below Sandy Island. Seek and you shall find. Oysters, mussels and bleached geoduck here can be found together. Not to mention the abundance of the sand dollars. The only residents of this small islet are the shorebirds and the hiding deer.


The Art Gallery in Denman Island can be found above the Denman Island Senior’s Hall. A series of wonderful summer art exhibitions can be found.
To experience the true heart of Denman rural life, try taking a popular self-guided pottery tours. These are usually held in May.

Two of the most popular events in Denman are The Home and Garden Tours. They are the most inspiration properties. Visiting them will please the artist inside you.

On the route from Fillongley to Boyle Point Provincial Park, you can find Windy Marsh Farm, a wonderful product stand where you will find a great selection of organic fruits and vegetables. There is also an eerie gallery of folk art at “Artwork on Old Things”.


Denman Island was named after Rear Admiral Joseph Denman, following the first European settlement on Denman Island in 1874. The settlers who came from Orkney Island gave Denman Island the “Little Orkney” nickname.

Overall, these Gulf Islands are remnants from a distant time, back when the entire Strait of Georgia was filled with sand. In the recent geological times, glaciation gouged the trench that is now filled with seawater.