Photo by: Sam Vandervalk

Wild Pacific Trail

Lighthouse Loop, Big Beach to Rocky Bluffs

Time and Distance:

Distance 2.5 km. and 10 km round trip.

It is easy to walk the Wild Pacific trail, it was ones man’s hard work and vision that gave us this masterpiece to let all our senses create a special memory that can’t be touched. Trip Advisor rates it #6 out of things to do in British Columbia, but I think that is a big mistake. With every turn comes a new magnificent view. Windblown bonds eye trees, cliffs overhanging the surf, kelp beds in small passages, islands off in the distance and more make this trail something to behold indeed.

There are two sections: The lighthouse loop 2.5 km and the Big Beach to Rocky bluffs (10 km round trip). The lighthouse loop is the most spectactular section, however Big Beach to Rocky Bluffs is a different kind of scenery and still worth the time if you can take it.

If you are interested in the story behind the creation of the Wild Pacific Trail, check out this video: