Photo by: Tim Hartman

Paradise Meadows

(North Central)

Paradise Meadows is located in the southeast part of  Strathcona Park and sits at the entrance of Forbidden Plateau and the hike to Mt Albert Edward, the highest mountain of the Plateau at 2093 meters (6867 ft). Paradise Meadows provides some great short hikes that are quite a bit easier than the hikes to the mountains nearby.

Paradise Meadows is home to a large variety of flowering plants along with many low growing bushes. Many types of birds and wildlife frequent this area and during the spring and summer is a lush green.

Time and Distance:

Short Trail Options:

Centennial Loop Trail : 30 mins, 2 km

Wheelchair friendly, this section has boardwalk and hardpacked gravel. The grade is 5-8% in some sections, but most of the trail is relatively easy. This project took about 14 years of volunteer time and fund raising and the trail had a 5 year (2005-2010) construction period.

Paradise Meadows Loop: approx 50 mins and. 3.5 km return. Here is the map for both trails http://strathconapark.org/w/wp-content/uploads/SWI-Flyer-FINAL1.pdf

Medium Trail options:

Helen Mackenzie/Battleship/ Lake Loop: 2.5 hours and 6.8  km

Once on the trail take the second junction toward Battleship Lake. Coming towards the Lake there are some smaller paths that provide great lookouts to the lake.

Paradise Meadows Trailhead to Kwai Lake: Approx 3 hours, 7 km, Elevation gain: 250 meters. Here you can get some great photos of  lakes and Castle Crag and Frink Mountain.

Paradise Meadows Trailhead to Canyon Lookout: 4 hours, 8.5 km: At the first intersection stay right and then follow the trail straight through a couple more intersections to Canyon Lookout.