Discovery Islands Kayaking

Not to be confused with Discovery Island near Victoria, the Discovery Islands consist of Quadra Island, Cortes Island, Sonora Island, Maurelle Island and East and West Thurlow Islands. The scenery around these islands is very different from the Gulf Islands. The Discovery Islands get a much larger amount of rainfall every year and the forest comes right to the edge of the islands. There are also much stronger tidal currents around all the islands, so it is important to check the tide schedules. Rapids and whirl pools are not to be taken lightly with in a kayak. For experienced kayakers, the standing wave in Okisollo channel is great fun. 

There are many places to rent kayaks and many companies that offer guided tours. The scenery is spectacular in this area.  Paddling here can be quite rewarding. You can take the ferry to Quadra or Cortez, each having several launch points. Here you can circle sparsely populated islands with dense temperate rainforests.

Watch for fast tides, swirling water and boats.

Possible Wildlife:
Orca (Killer) whales, Pacific White sided dolphins (depending on the season), Stellar Sea lions, seals, Bald Eagles and many other types of birds